Mobile GPS Tracker for your Kids

ParentWise ALERTS you when your child is not where they should be

Looking for the most accurate Mobile GPS Tracker?

You the Parent get a text alert if and when:

  • Your child enters a particular area
  • Leaves a particular area
  • Or is not in a particular area when they are supposed to be

All modern phones are equipped with geolocation technology that pinpoints a phone’s exact location. ParentWise uses this feature combined with alerts to enhance child safety and parent convenience by reporting location every 3 minutes.

The ParentWise Location Feature has Customizable Alerts!

See our 20 second Managing Locations Video

How it Works

Receive Daily Alerts:

  • When your child leaves the house
  • If they text someone they are not supposed to be talking to
  • When a questionable App is installed on their phone
  • If they exceed the speed limit
  • When they use their phone after hours
  • And for other several other Customizable Alerts that YOU can set based on your concerns

These Alerts help you stay in-the-know of your child’s phone activity without invading their privacy.

See Alerts In Action

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