How to Track Your Kid's Cell Phone

ParentWise makes it easy to track your kid's phone

Interested in how to track a cell phone?

Want to know:

  • Where your Child is
  • What Apps they are using
  • Who they are texting

At any given point in time?

ParentWise Software provides you with a simple snapshot Dashboard of all of this information on your Child’s phone, without invading their privacy.

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How it Works

Receive Daily Alerts:

  • When your child leaves the house
  • If they text someone they are not supposed to be talking to
  • When a questionable App is installed on their phone
  • If they exceed the speed limit
  • When they use their phone after hours
  • And for other several other Customizable Alerts that YOU can set based on your concerns

These Alerts help you stay in-the-know of your child’s phone activity without invading their privacy.

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