Feel Disconnected from Your Child?

ParentWise Encourages Trust between Children & Parents

Want to stay connected with your Child and their phone activity?


ParentWise provides you with a Snapshot Dashboard of all of your Child’s phone activities, without invading their privacy.  

You can also set Custom ALERTS to:

  • Know where your Child is at any time
  • Know what Apps they are using, and how much time spent on each
  • Know who they are texting, when and how often

ParentWise is the best Mobile Parenting Tool available to balance today’s technologies with core parenting principles.

How it Works

Receive Daily Alerts:

  • When your child leaves the house
  • If they text someone they are not supposed to be talking to
  • When a questionable App is installed on their phone
  • If they exceed the speed limit
  • When they use their phone after hours
  • And for other several other Customizable Alerts that YOU can set based on your concerns

These Alerts help you stay in-the-know of your child’s phone activity without invading their privacy.

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