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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Devices have become a part of everyday life.

What types of information can I monitor when using ParentWise?

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Receive ALERTS If Your Child Leaves A Designated Area
Receive ALERTS If Your Child Enters An Unwanted Area
Receive ALERTS If Your Child Is Not Where They Should Be
Receive ALERTS If Your Child Is Moving At A High Rate Of Speed


Receive ALERTS If Your Child's Phone Battery Is Low
Receive ALERTS If Your Child's Phone Is Shutdown Or Unavailable
Receive ALERTS If Your Child Downloads Or Removes Apps
Review % Of Phone Usage For Texting, Gaming, Music, Pictures, Videos, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Etc.


Receive ALERTS If Your Child Is Using Their Phone After-Hours
Receive ALERTS Based On Who Your Child Is Texting Or Calling
Review % Of Texts And Calls Broken Down By Person Receive

Does ParentWise work with all mobile phones?

The ParentWise app currently works on both Android and iOS smartphones. Parents can view information from ANY computer, tablet, or mobile device where an internet browser can be accessed.

Do I need my child's social media username and password?

Absolutely not! The content of what they say and do on social media will be between you and your child. We do not collect and store private information on our servers. ParentWise considers hacking into your child's social media accounts to be an unnecessary invasion of privacy.

Do I tell my child that Iím using ParentWise?

That is up to you. We have engineered this software to be a very powerful source of information for parents who are trying to keep up with technology. We have strategically designed our software to not collect ANY PRIVATE INFO. All the text messages, pictures, posts, etc, will remain between you and your child. Our goal is to provide parents with information without breaking privacy. That information can and should be used as a tool to help keep your kids safe and you informed. Some of our customers choose to have a conversation with their children letting them know that WE THE PARENTS pay for the phone and we can load whatever software we want on to it. Others observe quietly and only intervene if it is urgent. Perhaps some blend fits your parenting style the best. That is the choice of each individual customer.

What is the "No Content Guarantee"?

ParentWise information does not include and will never include content. We will let you know what your child is doing on their phone, but we will never have a copy of a picture or any keystroke. We consider that to be private. The parents have a right to know, but does a software company? Many companies are writing software to hack into your child’s phone to get parents copies of pictures, and conversations, and posts. We are not. We will never. To read content on your child’s phone just doesn’t make sense, unless the parents have 15-20 free hours per week to sift through the child’s phone data. Our software will provide parents with data such as: “Your child was on Instagram from 2am-4am last night”. As for the actual content, that is now a decision that a today's parent has to make.

How is ParentWise different from other parental monitoring companies?

ParentWise has made an extraordinary effort to deliver critical information to parents. We have incorporated a truly unique set of features. We are the first company in the world to have combined all the critical points and made available with 1 easy membership. ParentWise has built-in, real time texting alerts. These alerts can be set up on thousands of different points including location, usage, and communications.

Will ParentWise drain the mobile device battery?

Using ParentWise on the parent’s device will not impact battery life. ParentWise will use more battery resources to collect location information from your Child's device. ParentWise “sleeps” while your child’s phone is stopped and “wakes” back up when your child’s phone is on the move. While apps running location services impact battery life, ours proves to be very efficient and typically goes unnoticed.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel at any time by simply calling the customer service number: 1-800-344-7503. The hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm EST.

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